2008. MU-TABLE

Presented at:
OPEN STUDIO from the Liminal Screen at the Banff New Media Institute in Alberta, Canada.

MU_TABLE is a derivative work of the
Mutable Cinema. After testing the concept of a GUI interface for database navigation I wanted to test different narrative mechanics and story dynamics, but the engine of Mutable Cinema linked together its content and GUI using Flash, Max/Msp and MySql. I wasn´t able to load new content and new interfaces, so we built a MAXMSP/JITTER stand alone video instrument that didn´t have the dynamic GUI, but we could load any content. I used this for a year and tried a couple of narratives, from clasic movies remix to a new braching story made by ZULU “La historia mas grande jamas contada”. I had the student license of MAX, once it expired I decided to rebuild the instrument using open source software. Now the instrument is called YeiTlahuiMeca