All where presented at the Rotterdam International Film Festival “Hot Spots” in 2006

2003. THE BRUSH (El Roce)
16 or 20 or130 min. Black /White Digital Video transfered to 16 & 35mm film.

A young couple meets its destiny between the elevator and the stairs.
This film is about the weight that our future expectations have on the present moment.
The characters in the present and in the future shift from being parallel to become perpendicular. This shif creates an growing distance between the lovers.

2001. LIVING CRAZY (Viviendo a lo loco)
13min. Color 16mm.

The day that Poncho gives a gun to Perico.
This film is more about the celuloid that carries the images than what the images represent. The space respresented by the film is extended by the montage, creating with this an incoherent repetition against the realism of the story. The main message has more to do with the physicality of the film than with the story displayed in it.
The language used talks about the fiction created by the observer while trying to unify two different sequences of images in a single story. In the film one action does not lead to another, the breaks in continuity and the lack of information leaves everything to the audience’s imagination. The transmitted message is held toghether more by the celuloid than by the story that is represented in it.

8 min. Color 16mm

An entity posseses us with out us noticing.
This short film uses the subjective(fisrt person) point of view (pov) to present an invisible character that wanders in the city. The first two victims are possesed in the ignorance of their own thought. The third victim, who is able to “see” the invisible entity, tries to run away, making it clear that the subjective pov is more than a chosen technique.
The link between the invisible character and the violence underlines the conflict between real violence and represented violence (in media). At the end the indigent decides to kill the entity by committing suicide, resuming all violence as violence to the self.

2000. 3:00 AM
7min. Color 16mm

When you dream, you are not always dreaming.
In this Film the experimentation consisted in trying to show a single moment through three different points of view, alternating subjective and objective pov. The story is used to show the overlapping dimensions in a single moment. We have a character that dreams, a dead character that returns and a character that awakes. Instead of being established in physical space, this story stands on the intangebility of time.
Violence is linked to memory and the idea of sin and betrayal. Memory will not let our past acts disappear. The purpose of unifying in time all the character’s pov is to show that every frame in the film has a tight relationship to all other frames, it doesn’t matter how many meters of film stand between them.This proofs that all frames in a film are toghether in single time.