Hi my name is Mario Marquez Lartigue and this is my personal site where I share my work.

I call it MUTABLES because all my projects have certain mutation factor.

In my work with film and analogue video the final results where fixed in a linear piece, but the process used to create them was really experimental and non-linear. I can tell you that each film has two or three copies and each copy has a different content arrangement. find out more in the

In Digital Media my goal has been to generate stories that need the viewer to participate in the narration. Because of this, each time they are played they are different. To learn about this please look at the

Form making the MUTABLES I have found that some tools are needed to create stories that can be transformed by the viewer. I have designed some tools and developed one in open source code. Go to
DIGITAL VIDEO INSTRUMENTS to see more and/or download.

Since I started working with Motion Pictures, I always tried to observe and understand its affordances and governing principles empirically.
My present goal is to research and develop a native language structure for digital motion pictures.

All my productions have been made in collaboration with more people. I have organized two collectives:
You can see the people involved in the sidebar.

I just started this site so be sure to come back in the future to learn more about the old and the new Mutables.