Mario Marquez has formed and facilitated two collectives.

TODOS VAMOS A MORIR (we are all going to die) is an Audiovisual Colective dedicated to the generation and manipulation of moving images in linear media.
We experiment with film and digital video to create unusual links between the different frames in a sequence of moving images. Our stories reach out of the ordinary into a universe that blends the real and the un-perceived.

TODOS VAMOS A MORIR was formed by Mario Marquez, with Willy Marín and Renato Ornelas, Sebastjan Hendrickson, Roberto Ariganello. It was based in Mexico City (production) and Toronto (post production) from 1998 to 2003.

KINZUKI was formed as a new media experimental research group:

The way we store and organize the moving images also generates an information system that affects the display and perception of its content.
Celluloid and Video Tape afford certain information patterns for narrating an event or sequence of events. Today, the digital organization and manipulation of moving images bring us a new set of affordances.

KINZUKI is about researching and exploring possible information systems affordances for narrating events in digital media.

KINZUKI was formed by Mario Marquez, Pedro Gonzalez and Kiyoshi Osawa and was based in Mexico City.