2009. YeiTlahuiMeca

work in progress


YeiTlahuiMeca is an Open Source app that makes simple and intuitive the mixing or switching of audiovisual data using three video channels.

The name is in Nahuatl and means: Three braided lights
Yei= tres (three)
Tlahualli=luz (light)
Mecatl=trenza (braid)

The central idea is that when you cut a video, the delivery product is always the same because the different video pieces have been “glued” together. When you braid a video, the delivery product can always be different because the video is whole in the database. The difference is that instead of cutting from one video to another, YeiTlahuiMeca jumps (still perceived as a cut by the viewer) from one video track to another. This changes everything..no render, no fine cut...just a lot of “happy accidents”.

YeiTlahuiMeca is either a three channel switcher or a three layered video mixer.

The interface represents a wooden analogue instrument to appeal to a larger audience, not only the technology savy.

Each video channel has the basic FX: Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Speed, Pixelate, Size, Opacity.

There are two audio modes:
Synch: this links the audio to the video switcher so when you change channel you change audio also.
Mix: this let´s you mix with volume the three audio channels.

Remember that audio always comes from the videos.

This next video is a demonstration in spanish

YehiTlahuiMeca from mario marquez on Vimeo.

YeiTlahiMeca is a MACOSX app made on Quartz Composer and Xcode.

Thanks to Vade, L.O.V, Roger Bolton, Chris Wright and the people at Kineme for sharing their work...

Long live open source!!!