Developed by KINZUKI at the BANFF NEW MEDIA INSTITUTE. Presented at the 2nd international conference on Digital interactive media in entertainment and arts in Perth, Australia.
Mutable Cinema is an interactive installation that allows a player to perform live editing of a movie in front of an audience. As the player navigates the interface in real time, he or she generates new patterns from the broad narrative database, such that each performance delivers a different interpretation on the cinematic content.
A player interacts with the installation via a computer screen beside a large projection screen. Game play involves choosing from multiple parallel story paths and selecting different camera angles and points of view. The challenge is in deciding what to play on the big screen and what to leave out. As the player explores the audio/visual database he or she generates a linear montage that becomes the narrative viewed by the audience.
The cinematic content is specially created with multiple parallel story lines to form a multifaceted, and multidimensional, narrative space. This space is explored as the player actively chooses their own sequential path across the interface to access different narrative outcomes. There is sufficient complexity in the back-end design that each player, based on their performance, can generate their own unique story.

MUTABLE CINEMA from mario marquez on Vimeo.

PDF from ACM International Conference Proceeding Series; Vol. 274